Located in Île-Bizard,
our bilingual educative services are
diversified and adapted to the values of the family.


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Located in Île-Bizard, our bilingual educative services are diversified and adapted to the values of the family.

Our values favour the acceptance of differences wether physical or emotional. Our team of qualified professionals accompanies the child in its blooming and in its global development by being attuned to its needs and interests.

Our educational platform is an application of the program of the Ministry: Welcoming the early childhood (Accueillir la petite enfance).Through this program and many others, Brindami in this case, our pedagogy is based on the emotional links. It offers to the child the possibility of developing according to her/his own rhythm by respecting her/his uniqueness. We encourage exploration as well as resolution of problems, our approach allows the child to make choices and to enjoy activities, individually, in small or large group.

The confidence established in our environment and self-esteem allows the child to embrace its autonomy, to learn to share and to create freely. The child grows through discussions about daily life (The magic circle), play role games, projects and significant activities, as well as other activities among which musical awakening, sports initiation, multiculturalism, protection of the Earth and getting ready to Grade 1. The educator is then focussed on the animation, the motivation and supporting the child.

Here is a summary of what we offer:

  • English immersion
  • Field trips and sociocultural activities which put the children in touch with the nature, the museums and the neighbourhood activities
  • Musical and artistic awakening: theatre, music workshops, dance and plastic arts
  • Program dedicated to the spiritual awakening and imagination
  • Enriched activities promoting fine and global motricity

We offer a varied seasonal healthy home menu: balanced meals which are designed and prepared by a specialized team (devoted cook and assistant), while respecting the Canadian food guide.

Thanks to the modulation???, the advanced payments and tax credit for childcare expenses , parents can benefit from net rates as low as $7.

The DayCare is opened from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, on evenings and weekends upon request. For more information, please call Mrs Fatima at 514-696-7575 or via our Web site.

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A new devoted and qualified principal

Aside being a solid experienced principal, Fatima is also a devoted mother of two. She is a qualified educator in Childhood Education. She has been managing a DayCare for several years and is also a certified Childcare administrator. Fatima has also completed a Bachelor of Laws and is now a part time university student pursuing a Master degree in Organizations management and development.

She is in charge of the general organization, the administration, the supervision and the training of her team.

In partnership with her team, she conceives, implements specific educational projects and coordinates them. For example, she can decide with her team to favour musical awakening games or gardening activities for children. She knows the importance of the child's global development (emotional, linguistic, psychomotor and cognitive) and she values the place of the cultural and artistic self awakening within the family. She also makes sure to help parents' concerns and fears management.



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Le berceau enchanté Daycare

7 Rue Lachapelle, L'Île-Bizard
H9C1M6 Quebec, Canada


Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday 6am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday upon request

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